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History. Vision. Mission

High standard of education and professionalism is often demonstrated by Nigerians working in other parts of the world. This is partly attributable to the robust educational background under which they were nurtured. The revival and sustenance of those lofty standards in present day Nigeria requires partnership between Government and private sectors. It is, therefore, not surprising that many private schools and universities have recently sprung up in Nigeria.

Sophus Ltd is a private company that focuses on continuing education, complemented by publishing educational materials. Our approach to the promotion of high educational standard and professionalism is unique. Unlike the traditional educational institutions with permanent edifices and teaching staff, the activities of our company take place in the most suitable locations: hotels, universities/colleges, and other public or private facilities, depending on the target audience. Furthermore, the resource persons are invited from among experts in various walks of life from different parts of the world. In this way, our audience is exposed to the best available resource persons. Where appropriate, tele-lectures are also utilized.


To promote the highest standard of education and professional practice in Nigeria.


  • To organize continuing education courses, workshops, conferences and seminars in various disciplines (e.g. medicine, dentistry, commerce and science), using the best available resource from different parts of the world.
  • To publish educational materials and biographies, using appropriate media: print, electronic, etc.
  • To manufacture and market state-of-the-art educational and professional materials and equipment

Our Capabilities

Continuing Education

As a result of the modern advances in technology, the body of knowledge in various disciplines is growing very fast, and the need for continuing education has become imperative. Sophus Ltd was set up as a platform for continuing education in various fields of human endeavor. At present, our core competencies include medicine, dentistry, science and commerce.

Research Capacity Building

The ranking of Nigerian universities has dropped significantly within the past few decades. This is partly due to the low quantity and quality of research published by the tertiary institutions. To overcome this setback, there is a need for capacity building among prospective researchers. Sophus Ltd, therefore, organizes seminars and workshops, including hands-on sessions, to improve the skills of prospective researchers in the key areas, such as the writing of research proposals/grant applications, basic statistics and scientific writing.

Product Promotion

We are prepared to give lectures in support of product promotion by Commercial enterprises. The lecture title may be selected from our archives, or our client may choose a topic for the lecture. Sophus Ltd is prepared to offer this type of service anywhere in Nigeria, Africa and other parts of the world.


There is paucity of high quality textbooks written by Nigerians, in spite of the numerous universities in the country. Sophus Ltd accepts manuscripts for textbooks and journals. In the case of textbooks, Sophus Ltd appoints reputable editors from Nigeria, Europe, America or any other part of the world, so that the book is produced to the highest international standard. For journals, our clients will be expected to nominate the reviewers for the articles.

Similarly, Sophus Ltd accepts to publish biographies, as these could be a resource for information of educational value. Our company will either accept the finished manuscript or also assist in putting it together.

Our Management Team

  • Managing Director

    Enosakhare Samuel Akpata
    The Managing Director, Professor Tonie Victoria Akpata has participated in all levels of university administration, being the first elected female member of the University of Lagos Governing Council.

    In addition, she has vast experience in organizing conferences in Nigeria and abroad. Furthermore, we have a financial expert and management consultants on board.

    Professor Tonie Victoria Akpata obtained her Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees from the University of Lagos. She has research experience in universities abroad. She has presented her research findings at scientific meetings in Nigeria, Europe and America. She was appointed Professor of Microbiology by her alma mater in 1998. In addition, she was Visiting Professor at the Rutgers University, USA in the year 2000.

    Her career as an academic spanned three decades during which period she was a pioneer scientist in the study of water pollution microbiology in Nigeria. She is the author of books and has several publications in local and international scientific journals. Her research studies elucidated the microbiological impacts of feces deposition into Lagos lagoon, thus underscoring the importance of baseline studies in environmental impact assessment.

    She was a member of UNESCO Man and Biosphere (MAB) national committee that supported research on environment. Her active role in the committee culminated in her editing the book, Nigerian Wetlands by Akpata TVI and Okali DUU.

    She excelled in her professional career being selected by UNEP, Office of Biological Diversity in Montreal, Canada to represent West Africa at the first meeting of 15 experts on Marine Biodiversity held in Jarkata, 1997.

    Professor Akpata was External Examiner at Bachelors and PhD levels in different universities. She was invited by the National Universities Commission as a member of the panels to accredit some Nigerian universities.

    She has vast experience in university administration, having served at various university committees. In addition, she served in the governing council of the College of Education, Benin City, Bendel State, and the boards of different levels of educational institutions.

    She was the first female elected Senate Caucus Leader (head of non-professorial members of Senate) for two consecutive 2-year terms from 1993-1997.

    She is married with three sons and grand children.

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    Enosakhare Samuel Akpata
    The Chairman, Professor E.S. Akpata, has been in the academic field in several continents for over four decades.

    Professor Enosakhare Samuel Akpata obtained his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Leeds, England, and Fellowship in Dental Surgery from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, Scotland. He is also a Fellow of the Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria and the West African College of Surgeons.

    He started his academic career as a Clinical Demonstrator/Research Assistant at the University of Lagos in 1968, and was appointed Professor of Restorative Dentistry by the university in 1979. He was also Professor of Restorative Dentistry at the King Saud University from 1988-2001, during which period he was Director, Restorative Dentistry Postgraduate Program. In addition, he was Professor and Chairman, Department of Restorative Sciences, and Director of Comprehensive Dental Health Care Program at the Kuwait University Faculty of Dentistry between 2001 and 2011.

    Until recently, he was the Head of the Restorative Dentistry Department, faculty of Dentistry, Lagos State University. Professor Akpata was Senior Fulbright Fellow at the New York University in 1981, and Visiting Professor, Faculty of Dentistry, Meharry Medical College, Nashville, USA in 1988. He was Deputy Provost, College of Medicine, University of Lagos 1983-86, National President of the Nigerian Dental Association 1984-86, and World Health Organization Temporary Adviser in 2005. He was Foundation Editor of the African Dental Journal, and he has published many research papers. He is author of A Textbook of Operative Dentistry published in London in 1997. The second edition of this book was launched in 2013 under a new title, Principles and Practice of Operative Dentistry: A Modern Approach.

    Professor Akpata’s hobbies are golfing and music – he plays the piano.

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